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Universal Computer BD 

Today, the presence of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) has become a necessity. In this time, these technologies have altered the ways we communicate, work, learn and play, these ways have been enhanced, and these enhancements have impacted. Now, the method of conducting affairs, how organizations evolve, and how relationships are established have all become optimized. But here in Bangladesh, we are far behind the up-to-date touch of such technologies. With glad to inform you, since 2000, Universal Computer Bangladesh (UCB) has been providing sell quality based Desktop & Laptop as well as laptop's accessories and Computer Components and Security & Video Surveillance products,


Universal Computer BD  is one of the largest ICT distribution companies dealing with hardware, Laptop, PC Components, Gaming, Accessories & software business in Bangladesh. Universal Computer BD Ltd is the authorized distributor of different renowned ICT Brands like Antec, Asrock, AXDF,  Bitfenix, Cryorig, Deli, EKWB, ESET, Galax, Gamdias, GEiL, Infocus, Kioxia, KWG, Lian Li, Marvo,  MaxGreen, Montech, Noctua, Razer, RnM, PCCooler, Team, XFX, Zyxel, etc. These Brand Products are very excellent merchandise that offers a friendly carrier to the clients  We make sure which you are becoming the excellent best product  You can freely purchase the top-promoting Brand merchandise while not having to suppose two times approximately what you're buying  We additionally offer our clients excellent pricing for the goods in comparison to everywhere in Bangladesh  You can live clean and loosen up to understand that certainly considered one among our dreams is to offer the purchaser with the excellent product in the maximum affordable pricing  We make sure that our clients are glad about our product and the pricing.


We have partnered with great companies to help you expand your Our Services, Best price, and Authorized Product. We have partnerships with MSI, Intel, AMD Ryzen, Gamemax, Cougar, Thermaltake, Gigabyte, Corsair, and Walton, the most popular IT Brands.

Best Price & Best After Sales Service

Here at UCB, we've spent over 22 years focusing on just three things technology, people, and how we bring them together. Whatever your passion, be it PC gaming, graphics Card, Accessories,  Office Equipment, monitor, Networking, we have a team of specialists ready and waiting to help you find exactly what you need, even if it's just some good friendly advice. We provide all the requirements of our customers and help them satisfy their needs, wants, and desires. Our complete focus is on the customers. We keep tabs and records on what our customers want, and we try our level best to bring that to them.