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CCTV Camera Price in Bangladesh

Video surveillance systems and cameras offer peace of mind, giving you a real-time view of what's happening around your home or business. Since they're often clearly visible, they also serve as an effective deterrent. Even if you're not at home or in the office, they record footage for later review, helping prevent package theft, intrusion, or vandalism. You can also set some security video cameras to only activate and record when motion is detected, saving camera power and drive space.

Where Should I Place Security Cameras?

Security cameras should be placed in high traffic areas and important rooms. One should have a view of the front door and/or the porch or other entryway into a building, as well as other possible points of entry. Consider a camera's field of view and make sure that its placement delivers the widest possible scope. It's also a good idea to point a camera toward open areas such as the backyard. Outdoor home video surveillance systems should also have durable, weatherproof construction that resists deliberate tampering and feature night vision for nighttime surveillance.

Security Camera Monitors

While a computer screen may work to view either real-time or recorded surveillance footage, there are especially designed surveillance monitors made for this purpose. They feature high resolutions and are engineered to stay on for extended periods when viewing camera feeds continuously. Others offer split-screen options for viewing multiple feeds simultaneously.

How Do Video Surveillance Systems Record Footage?

There are multiple options for recording and storing footage for later viewing to fit different requirements. Since video takes up a large amount of space, DVRs are often recommended, as these have the storage capacity to accommodate hours of video. Footage captured by video surveillance cameras can also be saved directly to a computer's hard drive. Even high-capacity drives eventually run out of space, so loop recording offers the convenience of automatically writing over the oldest recordings with new footage.

Security Camera Accessories

Many accessories are available for enhancing the capabilities of both wired and wireless video surveillance cameras. Additional add-on lenses allow CCTV cameras to zoom in further. There are also lenses made to improve night vision. Protective mounts and covers protect your outdoor cameras from the weather and vandalism. Communication units make it easier to set up a larger system and control multiple cameras from a single location.

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