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CCTV Cameras and IP Cameras Best Price in Bangladesh

Every time people think about the cheap rate of the CCTV Camera but they think less about the quality of video. Actually, the concept about the CCTV system installation and problem solution is in poor condition in the mind of the people. Many providers provide low cost projects but at last it becomes a failure project. That’s the dissimilation among them and us. We provide you the best video quality with the cheaper price. We have some best technical teams who are professional and experienced about this system concept. Moreover, we have tested and analyzed the full system configuration and performance before we handover the project to our clients. Our team goes to the survey of the client’s area and creates the design and plan and takes the feedback and favor from them. Our pompous supports create the place of our client faith.

IP camera or Internet Protocol camera that transmit data through internet. This type of surveillance cameras only required of a local area network that can be accessed through that ethernet connection.  Many IP cameras need a central network video recorder (NVR) to manage video recording and alarm system. Other cameras can be operated decentralized manner with no NVR as it is capable to store on local or remote storage device.

This type of cameras passes analogue signals as pictures that must be recorded at slow speed continuously running tape. The usual rate would be four frames per second so that a three-hour tape can run for 24 hours. This whole process captures frame by frame that looks like snapshots and the blur image comes out. To avoid this flaw analogue signals can also be converted into a digital signal through video capture card installed into computer. Using an DVR in a computer recording can be stored as non-analogue media. These recorders are more compatible than PC based recording because it is built for this kind of solution, requires low maintenance and supports medium to large number of cameras.

We Distribute Jovision,Dahua,TVT,Hikvision and Redfox CCTV Camera,IP Camera,DVR,XVR and NVR

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