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Door Lock

Brands: ZKTeco Model: AL-180D
  • Power-on to lock Working
  • Voltage: DC12V/24V input
  • Holding Force: 2x150kg
  • Size: 332×21×41mm
Brands: ZKTeco Model: LM-2802
  • Compatible with wooden doors, metal, glass doors, and fireproof doors
  • Holding force 280Kg (600Lbs)
  • Working Voltage: DC12V/24V input
  • LED indicators indicating the status of the door
Brands: ZKTeco Model: LM-1802
  • Power-on to lock Working
  • voltage: DC12V/24V input
  • Holding Force: 180kg
  • Size: 170L×38.5W×21Hmm
Brands: ZKTeco Model: ZKABK-900A
  • Emergency Safety Solution: Critical measure for swift evacuation during emergencies.
  • Intuitive Break Glass Mechanism: Facilitates prompt response for swift evacuation processes.
  • Durable and Robust Construction: Withstands rigors for long-term reliability and functionality.
  • Seamless Integration for Comprehensive Safety Measures: Easy integration for comprehensive safety infrastructure in buildings.
Brands: ZKTeco Model: LMB-280U
  • To install the lock body
  • U bracket for LMB-280L
  • Easy to Install
  • Compatible with glass doors
Brands: ZKTeco Model: FM11RF08
  • Robust Access Control Management Solution: Ensures secure and efficient management of access.
  • Versatile Compatibility in Various Environments: Adaptable to diverse access control setups.
  • Advanced Mifare Technology for Secure Transmission: Ensures secure data transmission and authentication processes.
  • Durable Construction for Long-Term Reliability: Withstands various operating conditions, ensuring enduring performance.
Brands: ZKTeco Model: THIN
  • Sleek and Compact Design: Convenient carrying and storage for users.
  • Efficient Dimensions: Discreet form factor for unobtrusive usage.
  • Lightweight Construction: Easy portability for comfortable carrying options.
  • Advanced RFID Technology: Secure and reliable access control capabilities.
ZKTeco AS31 Door or Window Sensor
Up Coming
Brands: ZKTeco Model: AS31
  • Operating distance: 16mm?5mm
  • Switch withstood-voltage: 100VDC
  • Load current: 500mA
  • Life time: 1,000,000 times
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