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Hivideo HI-6008A 5MP 8 Channel XVR

Hivideo HI-6008A 5MP 8 Channel XVR
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XVR Features
Audio Audio compression: G.711U
Audio output: HDMI, support extended audio output.
Audio Input: Can extend to 4ch audio In.
intercom: Support extend audio in and out intercom
coaxial audio: Support 8ch coaxial audio
Interface Operation system: graphic menu operation interface, support mouse to operate
Image display: ,1/4/6/9/16 screen
English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, Italian, Turkish,
polish, Spanish, Korean, Indonesian, Thai,
Arabic, Persian, Vietnamese, French, Portuguese, Greek, Czech
Record & Playback Video mode: manual>alarm>dynamic testing>timing
Local playback:
8CH (5MP‐N coaxial input)
8CH (Coaxial or Hybrid mode);
8ch IP mode
Playback mode: Fast playback, Playback by Time, Smart playback
Record retrieval: Time retrieval, event retrieval, Timeline retrieval, channel retrieval Intelligent
playback(Motion detection playback)
System Main processor: MC6630
Operation system: Embedded LINUX operation system
System resources:
Multichannel real time record
Multichannel real time playback
multichannel multi‐user on network operation
UTC Camera OSD control: Support
Pan‐tilt control: Don’t support
3D‐NR: Support auto/manual setting for noise reduction parameters
VIDEO Image coding: H.264/H.265
Surveillance quality: VGA(Max 1080P);HDMI(Max 1080P), CVBS optional
Preview: 8*5MP‐N@12fps/8*4MP‐N@15fps/8*1080P@30fps
Code capacity: 8*5 MP‐N@5fps/8*4MP‐N@8fps/8*1080P@15fps
Decode capacity: 8*5 MP‐N@5fps/8*4MP‐N@8fps/8*1080P@15fps
Various mode input:
Coaxial: 8*5MP‐N
Mixed: 4MP‐N(coaxial)+1080P (IP) Arbitrary combination for coaxial
and IP hybrid mode
IP: 8*5MP, 16*5MP for all IP mode
Recognize method: Automatic Identification、All AHD、All TVI、All CVI、Customized
Motion detection:
192(16*12) testing areas can be set for each image;
can set multi‐sensitivity (only for local channel and P6S IP camera)
VMS Type: IE/mobile/VMS
P2P: Support(IOS, Android, PC)
APP: Multi‐screen surveillance; audio surveillance; mobile record; snap;
pan‐tile control; remote record playback
General Info
ports Video input: 8ch BNC; support coaxial audio in
Video output: 1ch VGA,1ch HDMI; 1ch TV output(Optional)
Audio output: HDMI output/Extended 1ch RCA audio output
Network port: RJ45 10M/100M Self‐adapt to Ethernet interface
USB port: 2 USB 2.0 port
HDD port: 1 SATA Port(Can support 8T HDD)
Wifi port: NO
Remote control: Optional
Others Power: 12V/2A(Sufficient amperes)
Consumption: < 15W(exclusive hard disk)
Temperature: ‐5 °C~ +55 °C
Working humidity: 10%~90%
Warranty 1 year

Hivideo HI-6008A 5MP 8 Channel XVR:

Hivideo HI-6008A 5MP 8 Channel XVR is an advanced video recording solution designed to provide comprehensive surveillance capabilities for a wide range of applications. With its powerful main processor, the MC6630, and an embedded LINUX operating system, this XVR offers stability, reliability, and an array of features to meet the demands of modern security systems. One of the standout features of the HI-6008A XVR is its support for 5-megapixel camera inputs. This ensures that the recorded video is of high quality and captures fine details, making it ideal for scenarios where clear identification is crucial. The XVR supports eight camera channels, allowing you to connect and simultaneously record from up to eight cameras. This scalability makes it suitable for larger surveillance setups, such as businesses, warehouses, or expansive properties. Real-time recording is a crucial feature of the HI-6008A XVR. It can record multiple channels in real time, ensuring that events are captured with no delay. This feature is invaluable for security applications where immediate action or investigation is necessary. Furthermore, the XVR offers real-time playback, allowing you to review recorded footage as events unfold. This functionality simplifies the process of finding specific incidents or monitoring ongoing activities. It also supports motion detection, which triggers recordings when movement is detected, conserving storage space and making it easier to locate relevant footage. Another noteworthy feature is its support for multichannel, multi-user network operation. This means that multiple users can access and control the XVR remotely over the network. Whether you need to grant access to security personnel or management, this feature ensures that everyone can monitor the system simultaneously. The XVR includes HDMI and VGA outputs, providing flexibility in connecting to various display devices, including high-definition monitors and standard computer screens. This adaptability ensures that you can choose the most suitable display for your surveillance needs. Security is a top priority, and the XVR offers features like alarm inputs and outputs, enabling integration with other security devices like sensors or alarms. Remote access capabilities allow you to monitor and manage the system from anywhere, enhancing the overall security of your property. The user-friendly interface simplifies system setup, configuration, and daily management tasks, ensuring that users can navigate the XVR with ease. It also supports advanced search functionality, making it effortless to find specific events in recorded footage based on various criteria. The HI-6008A XVR can accommodate multiple hard drives, allowing for expandable storage to meet long-term recording requirements. Additionally, it supports PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera control, providing the capability to adjust the viewing angle remotely for enhanced surveillance coverage.

Hivideo HI-6008A 5MP 8 Channel XVR Features:

  1. High-Resolution Recording: This XVR supports 5-megapixel camera inputs, ensuring sharp and detailed video footage for enhanced surveillance.
  2. 8-Channel Capability: It can simultaneously connect and record from up to eight cameras, making it suitable for medium to large-scale surveillance setups.
  3. Powerful Main Processor (MC6630): The robust main processor ensures smooth operation, capable of handling multiple tasks efficiently.
  4. Embedded LINUX OS: The embedded operating system provides stability and reliability, making it suitable for continuous 24/7 surveillance.
  5. Real-Time Recording: It supports multichannel real-time recording, capturing events as they happen with no lag or delay.
  6. Real-Time Playback: You can review recorded footage in real-time, simplifying the process of finding specific events.
  7. Motion Detection: The XVR features motion detection capabilities, triggering recordings when movement is detected to conserve storage space.
  8. Alarm Triggers: It supports alarm inputs and outputs, allowing integration with other security devices such as sensors and alarms.
  9. Remote Access: Users can remotely monitor and manage the XVR via a network connection, providing flexibility and convenience.
  10. Multi-User Network Operation: Multiple users can access and control the XVR over the network simultaneously, enabling collaborative surveillance.
  11. HDMI and VGA Outputs: The XVR offers HDMI and VGA outputs for flexible connectivity to various display devices, including monitors and TVs.
  12. Multiple Recording Modes: Choose from continuous, scheduled, or motion-triggered recording modes to customize your surveillance strategy.
  13. Advanced Search Functionality: Easily locate specific events in recorded footage using various search criteria, such as time, date, and motion detection.
  14. Expandable Storage: The XVR supports multiple hard drives, allowing for scalable storage capacity to meet long-term recording requirements.
  15. PTZ Camera Control: You can connect and control PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras for versatile monitoring and coverage adjustments.

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