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Logitech G502 X Usb Hero Gaming Mouse White

Logitech G502 X Usb Hero Gaming Mouse White
Logitech G502 X Usb Hero Gaming Mouse White
Logitech G502 X Usb Hero Gaming Mouse White
Logitech G502 X Usb Hero Gaming Mouse White
Logitech G502 X Usb Hero Gaming Mouse White
Logitech G502 X Usb Hero Gaming Mouse White
Logitech G502 X Usb Hero Gaming Mouse White
Logitech G502 X Usb Hero Gaming Mouse White
Logitech G502 X Usb Hero Gaming Mouse White
Logitech G502 X Usb Hero Gaming Mouse White
Logitech G502 X Usb Hero Gaming Mouse White
Ex Tax: 8,499৳
  • Status: In Stock
  • Brands: Logitech
  • Model: G502 X
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Physical Information
Dimensions Height: 5.17 in (131.4 mm)
Width: 1.62 in (41.1 mm)
Depth: 3.12 in (79.2 mm)
Others 4-Way Scroll Wheel
Color: White
Mouse Features
keys 13
Mechanical Switches LIGHTFORCE Optical-Mechanical Switches
Sensor Sensor: HERO 25K
Resolution: 100 – 25,600 dpi
Tracking Method Max. speed: >400 IPS2
Zero smoothing/acceleration/filtering
Acceleration >40G2
Connection type Wired USB
Built-in-Memory 5 onboard memory profiles
cable length 6.9' / 2.1 m
Warranty 2 Year

Logitech G502 X Usb Hero Gaming Mouse White:

Logitech G502 X USB HERO Gaming Mouse in White is a top-tier gaming peripheral designed to cater to the demands of avid gamers. With its plethora of features and cutting-edge technology, it's a standout choice for those seeking precision, customization, and performance. One of the key highlights of this gaming mouse is its impressive array of programmable keys, boasting a total of 13 buttons. This allows gamers to assign specific functions, macros, or shortcuts for a seamless and personalized gaming experience. The wired USB connection ensures minimal latency, guaranteeing that every movement is registered without delay. The 6.9-foot (2.1 meters) cable provides flexibility in positioning your mouse without worrying about connectivity issues. At the heart of this gaming mouse is the HERO 25K optical sensor, which offers an exceptional resolution range from 100 to a staggering 25,600 DPI (dots per inch). This sensor's accuracy and responsiveness are unmatched, making it suitable for a wide range of gaming genres, from precision aiming in FPS games to swift cursor movements in strategy titles. The 4-way scroll wheel enhances navigation and makes browsing through menus or switching weapons in-game a breeze. Its tactile feedback ensures precise control, and it can be customized to suit your preferences. Furthermore, the Logitech G502 X comes with a striking white design that not only looks sleek but also fits seamlessly into any gaming setup. It's comfortable to hold for extended gaming sessions, thanks to its ergonomic shape and customizable weight tuning.

Logitech G502 X Usb Hero Gaming Mouse White Features:

  1. Precision HERO 25K Sensor: The mouse is equipped with Logitech's HERO 25K optical sensor, offering remarkable precision, tracking accuracy, and a DPI range from 100 to 25,600, ensuring smooth and precise cursor movements.
  2. 13 Programmable Buttons: With 13 customizable buttons, you can tailor your mouse to your gaming preferences, assigning specific functions or macros to each button for quick access to in-game commands.
  3. Wired USB Connection: The mouse utilizes a wired USB connection, ensuring minimal input lag and a consistent connection for uninterrupted gaming sessions.
  4. Adjustable Weight System: Customize the weight of your mouse with the adjustable weight system. Fine-tune the balance and feel of the mouse to match your playing style.
  5. Ergonomic Design: Designed for comfort during extended gaming sessions, the mouse features an ergonomic shape that fits comfortably in your hand, reducing fatigue.
  6. RGB Lighting: The G502 X features customizable RGB lighting, allowing you to personalize the aesthetics of your mouse to match your gaming setup or mood.
  7. On-the-Fly DPI Switching: Easily switch between different sensitivity levels with dedicated DPI buttons, perfect for switching between precision aiming and fast cursor movement on-the-fly.
  8. Surface Tuning Calibration: Adjust the sensor's performance based on your gaming surface to ensure optimal tracking accuracy.
  9. Mechanical Switches: Equipped with durable mechanical switches, the mouse buttons provide tactile feedback and rapid response, enhancing your gaming performance.
  10. Profile Switching: Create and save multiple profiles with different button assignments and lighting settings, ideal for switching between various gaming genres or tasks.
  11. Hyper-Fast Scroll Wheel: The scroll wheel can be switched between a hyper-fast scrolling mode for rapid navigation and a precise click-to-click mode for gaming or productivity tasks.
  12. Durable Build Quality: Built to withstand the rigors of gaming, this mouse features a durable construction that can handle intense gaming sessions.
  13. Onboard Memory: Store your custom settings directly on the mouse's onboard memory, allowing you to take your personalized configurations with you wherever you go.
  14. Programmable Macros: Create complex macros using Logitech's software to execute multiple commands with a single button press, giving you a competitive edge in games.
  15. Tangle-Free Cable: The 6.9-foot (2.1 meters) cable is designed to minimize tangling, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted movements during gameplay.

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