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MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan (Black)

MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan (Black)
MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan (Black)
MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan (Black)
MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan (Black)
MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan (Black)
MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan (Black)
MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan (Black)
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MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan (Black)
MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan (Black)
MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan (Black)
MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan (Black)
MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan (Black)
MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan (Black)
MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan (Black)
MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan (Black)
Ex Tax: 1,500৳
  • Status: In Stock
  • Brands: Montech
  • Model: AX120 PWM
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Cooler Features
Air Flow 59CFM
Air Pressure 1.8mm H₂O
Bearing Type HDB
Fan Size 120mm*120mm*25mm
Fan Speed 800~1600RPM (±10%)
Led Type Impressive ARGB Lighting
Noise 27d(B)A
Ports & Connectors
Connector 4-pin PWM + 3-pin ARGB
General Info
Dimensions 120mm*120mm*25mm
Color Black
Weight 145g
Power 12V
Warranty 3 Years Warranty


Designed with Modern Aesthetic

AX120 PWM integrates a total of 20 LEDs, the hexagonal RGB ring on the frame brings the design aesthetics to a new level. Further, it contains various lighting modes and supports 5V3PIN motherboard connectors for software control. All leading to complete and full customization of your build.

Built For System Cooling Performance

Whether as a case, radiator, or radiator fan, the AX120 PWM covers complete specifications and compatibility. The meticulous design from the bending angle of nine-blade fan set stabilizes the airflow, thereby drastically improves heat dissipation capacity. Simultaneously, reducing noise during fan operation. The AX120 PWM is capable of delivering stable operation while cooling a super high-end build!

PWM Automatic Control Mode

Thanks to the advanced PWM controls, the fan speed can be adjusted based on system temperature smartly monitored by the motherboard, which allows the user to adjust the fan speed at will from 800RPM up to 1600 RPM and cool you PC efficiently.

Silent Operation

AX120 PWM uses tailored frame and blades that are optimized for max quietness. Even at it's highest RPM, the noise level is under 27 dB(A), the combination of silence and high performance is the best choice for your gaming build.

High-end HDB bearing

Compared to other hydraulic bearing fans, the HDB bearing enables an extremely long-life span of 40,000 hours. It has been proven to have longer durability, longevity, and much lower noise.

Vibration Proof Structures

Our Integrated 8 rounded anti-vibration pads, reduce vibration and the noise caused from resonance phenomena.

MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan Features: 

  1. Brand: Manufactured by Montech, a reputable brand known for quality computer hardware components.
  2. Model: The fan model is Montech AX120 PWM, designed specifically for efficient case cooling.
  3. Type: It is a casing cooling fan, engineered to improve airflow within computer cases.
  4. Fan Details: This fan incorporates advanced features to enhance cooling performance.
  5. Speed Control: The fan's speed is controllable, allowing users to adjust airflow as needed for optimal cooling.
  6. Controllable: It is a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) fan, enabling dynamic control to adapt to changing temperature conditions.
  7. Bearing Type: The fan utilizes a hydraulic bearing, known for its durability, quiet operation, and extended lifespan.
  8. Fan Size (Height): The fan size is 120mm, a standard and versatile size for case cooling.
  9. ARGB Lighting: The fan features Addressable RGB (ARGB) lighting, offering customizable lighting effects that can be synchronized with your system's aesthetics.
  10. Color: This version of the fan comes in a sleek black color, complementing various PC build themes.
  11. Quiet Operation: The hydraulic bearing and PWM control contribute to quiet fan operation, minimizing noise while maximizing cooling efficiency.
  12. Enhanced Airflow: Designed to improve airflow within the PC case, assisting in the dissipation of heat generated by components such as the CPU and GPU.
  13. Anti-Vibration Pads: Some versions of the fan may include anti-vibration pads, reducing noise caused by vibrations during operation.
  14. Easy Installation: The fan is typically designed for easy installation and often features standard mounting holes for compatibility with various case configurations.
  15. Compatibility: It is compatible with a wide range of computer cases and can be integrated into most systems to enhance cooling performance and aesthetics.

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The latest price of Montech AX120 PWM is 1,500৳ in Today's 2023-12-06 Market. You can buy the MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan (Black) at best price from our Website or visit any of our showrooms. This MONTECH AX120 PWM ARGB Case Fan (Black) Manufacturing by Montech Comes With Based on 1 reviews.