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Wireless Network Adapters and General Networking

Ethernet connections are an excellent option for security, but most people prefer not to have all the cords that come with them, and today, not all smart devices have Ethernet ports. With an increase in mobile devices and people working during travel or at off-site locations, wireless network adapters and networking has become the norm. Wireless networking devices come in many forms, from adapters and cards to larger equipment such as wireless routers with dual-band antennas. A wireless router uses a phone or cable line to convert the data it receives to radio signals that your wireless devices can detect. Dual-band routers offer features such as device priority, increased upload and download speeds, and app-based monitoring.

What Are Wireless Network Adapters?

Wireless network adapters allow devices to connect to wireless networks even if the devices don't have onboard wireless capabilities. Wireless USB adapters are an excellent choice for desktop computers that only have Ethernet connectivity. Laptops and desktop computers can also integrate wireless network cards if their systems support them. There are three main types of wireless network adapters and cards:

  • Wi-Fi: Connects to LANs
  • Cellular: Delivers 3G, 4G, and 5G cellular service
  • Bluetooth: Short-range wireless transmission between devices

Use Bluetooth adapters to connect non-wireless devices to your network, or stream audio to Bluetooth-compatible accessories such as speakers or headsets.

Wireless Networking That Boosts Range

Use wireless bridges to connect devices that require an Ethernet connection (like cable boxes) to your wireless router. Large companies that need to extend their coverage area can use range extenders that grab router signals and rebroadcast them for better overall coverage. For small offices or homes with fewer wireless devices, repeaters are a suitable option. Range repeaters are basically mini Wi-Fi extenders that provide short-distance Wi-Fi range extensions for homes. To avoid dead spots entirely and get full wireless coverage at incredible speeds, you can purchase a whole-home smart Wi-Fi system.

Brands: TP-LINK Model: Archer C20
  • 4 10/100Mbps LAN ports
  • 1 10/100Mbps WAN port
  • 9V/0.6A(EU), 9V/0.85A(US)
  • Two dual band fixed antennas
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