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High-Performance Montech PSU in Bangladesh

Montech Power Supplies have garnered a reputation for delivering exceptional performance in the gaming arena. Designed to meet the demanding power requirements of modern gaming setups, these PSUs offer consistent and efficient power delivery. Gamers can revel in uninterrupted gameplay sessions, as Montech PSU units mitigate the risk of system crashes or power-related issues. The incorporation of advanced technologies ensures stable voltage outputs, safeguarding delicate components from potential harm. Montech power supplies thus stand tall as reliable companions for both casual gamers and competitive eSports enthusiasts.

Gaming PC Power Supply

A gaming PC's heart lies within its components, and Montech power supplies provide the crucial lifeline that breathes life into the rig. These units are engineered to accommodate the energy-hungry demands of cutting-edge graphics cards, processors, and peripherals. The PSU's modular cabling system facilitates easy integration, promoting efficient cable management within the chassis. This not only enhances airflow but also contributes to an overall cleaner and more visually appealing setup. Gamers can unleash the full potential of their high-end GPUs and CPUs, confident in the knowledge that Montech power supplies are equipped to handle the load.

Montech Power Supply Features List:

TITAN GOLD - Premium High-End ATX Gaming Power Supply

  • ATX 3.0 & PCIe Gen 5.0 ready for cutting-edge compatibility
  • Available in fully modular options: 750W, 850W, 1000W, and 1200W
  • Enhanced with 100% Japanese 105°C capacitors for exceptional reliability
  • Equipped with a 135mm FDB silent fan featuring zero RPM mode for efficient cooling
  • Boasts 80 PLUS GOLD and Cybenetics Gold certifications for optimal efficiency

CENTURY G5 - New Generation of the Best Choice

  • 80 PLUS GOLD Certified for efficient power delivery
  • Intel ATX 3.0 & PCIe 5.0 Ready, keeping your system up to date
  • Features a Powerful Full Bridge LLC Resonant Converter & DC-DC Technology for enhanced performance
  • Utilizes 100% High-Quality Japanese 105°C Capacitors for longevity and stability
  • FDB Premium Silent Fan ensures effective and quiet cooling

GAMMA II 550 GOLD - Gold Certified PSU with 100% Japanese Electronic Capacitors

  • Carries the prestigious 80 PLUS GOLD Certification for efficiency
  • Incorporates LLC+DC to DC technology for optimized power delivery
  • Relies on 100% Japanese Electronic Capacitors for superior reliability
  • Features an EMI filter component for reduced electromagnetic interference
  • Equipped with a 120mm silent fan for effective yet quiet cooling


  • 80 PLUS Bronze Certified for efficient power usage
  • Comprises High-Quality Components to ensure reliability
  • Japanese Main Electronic Capacitors for enhanced performance and stability
  • High Amperage +12V Single Rail design for consistent power delivery
  • Silent Fan design for quiet operation and cooling efficiency

Budget-Friendly Montech Power Supply

While gaming enthusiasts often seek top-tier performance, budget constraints can be a significant factor. Montech addresses this concern by offering a range of budget-friendly power supply solutions without compromising quality or performance. The company's commitment to delivering value ensures that entry-level gamers can access reliable PSUs that cater to their gaming needs. Montech power supplies strike an optimal balance between cost-effectiveness and high-quality performance, making them an attractive proposition for gamers of all financial backgrounds.

What is the Price of Montech Power Supply in Bangladesh?

Pricing is a pivotal consideration for any PC build, and Montech power supplies cater to a wide spectrum of budgets. The price of Montech power supplies in Bangladesh varies based on factors such as wattage, efficiency ratings, and additional features. Entry-level models provide an affordable entry point for novice gamers, while more robust offerings cater to the demands of power-hungry configurations. By offering a diverse selection at competitive price points, Montech ensures that users can select a PSU that aligns with their requirements without straining their wallets.


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Frequently asked questions:

1.Are Montech Power Supplies compatible with a variety of GPU brands and models?

Yes, Montech Power Supplies are designed to be compatible with a wide range of GPU brands and models, ensuring stable and reliable power delivery for various graphics cards.

2.Do Montech Power Supplies come with fully modular cables for easy cable management?

Yes, many Montech Power Supply models feature a fully modular design, allowing you to connect only the cables you need.

3.What is the warranty period for Montech Power Supplies?

Montech Power Supplies typically come with a warranty period that varies based on the model. Most models offer warranties ranging from 5 to 10 years, providing long-term protection and peace of mind for your investment.

4.How do I choose the right wattage Montech Power Supply for my system's needs?

To determine the appropriate wattage, consider the power requirements of your components, such as the CPU, GPU, storage drives, and peripherals. Use online PSU calculators or consult Montech's specifications to choose a Power Supply that can handle your system's demands with some headroom.

5.Are Montech Power Supplies energy-efficient with certifications like 80 PLUS?

Yes, Montech Power Supplies prioritize energy efficiency. Many models are certified by organizations like 80 PLUS, indicating high levels of efficiency and reduced energy wastage during power conversion.
Brands: Montech Model: Montech AP650
  • 80 PLUS® White Certified
  • 120mm Silent Fan
  • Powerful Single +12V output
  • Intel ATX12V
Brands: Montech Model: Montech AP550
  • 80 PLUS® White Certified
  • 120mm Silent Fan
  • Powerful Single +12V output
  • Intel ATX12V
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