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  • Model: VIDEO BALUN
  • Video Baluns connector
  • Use For - Camera or DVR
  • Transmission signal: 1 channel
  • Coaxial video connector: BNC-M
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General Info
Others Transmission signal: 1 channel
Transmission distance: AHD/CVI:400m(max) / TVI: 200m(max)
Category Type: UTP CAT5/5E/6
Coaxial video connector: BNC-M
Twisted-pair video connector: Screw-terminal
Compatible Format: AHD / HDCVI /HDTVI/CVBS
Resolution: 720P/960P/1080P/3MP/4MP/5MP/8MP
Anti-interference: >60dB
ESD: 1a contact discharge electricity level 3 / 1b air discharge electricity level 3 /v Per: IEC61000-4-5, Coaxial cable
connector: 2KV(common-code) Per: IEC61000-4-5
UTP Cable Connector: 2KV(different code)
4KV(common-code)Per: IEC61000-4-5
BNC male: 75 Ohms
UTP: 100 Ohms
Warranty No Warranty

2MP VIDEO BALUN for CC Camera:

2MP Video Balun for CC Cameras represents an essential component in modern surveillance systems, designed to efficiently transmit video signals over long distances. With a single transmission channel, this device allows for the seamless and reliable transfer of video data, ensuring optimal performance and clarity in surveillance footage. Capable of transmitting signals across various types of cables, including UTP CAT5/5E/6, this video balun facilitates flexible connectivity options, making it compatible with a wide range of networking infrastructures. The inclusion of a BNC-M coaxial video connector and a screw-terminal twisted-pair video connector ensures secure and stable connections, minimizing signal interference and preserving video integrity during transmission. Featuring a robust transmission distance, the 2MP Video Balun enables the transmission of AHD/CVI signals up to 400 meters at maximum capacity, while supporting TVI signals up to 200 meters, ensuring consistent and reliable signal transfer over extended distances. This capability makes it a practical solution for surveillance applications spanning large areas, such as industrial complexes, warehouses, and expansive outdoor environments. Engineered with advanced signal processing technology, this video balun ensures the preservation of video quality and integrity, delivering clear and high-definition surveillance footage without signal degradation. Its efficient signal transmission capabilities contribute to the seamless monitoring and surveillance of critical areas, enhancing the overall security and management of various premises and facilities. The compact and user-friendly design of the 2MP Video Balun facilitates hassle-free installation and operation, allowing for convenient integration into existing surveillance setups. Its versatility and compatibility with different cable types and connectors enable easy configuration and customization, ensuring a streamlined and efficient surveillance system deployment process. Ideal for both commercial and residential surveillance applications, the 2MP Video Balun serves as a reliable and indispensable tool for transmitting video signals with precision and stability, ensuring that critical surveillance data is accurately captured and relayed for effective security management and monitoring.

2MP VIDEO BALUN for CC Camera Features:

  1. Single Channel Transmission: Supports the efficient transmission of a single video channel, ensuring reliable and clear signal transfer.
  2. Long Transmission Distance: Capable of transmitting AHD/CVI signals up to a maximum of 400 meters and TVI signals up to 200 meters, ensuring reliable signal transmission over extended distances.
  3. UTP CAT5/5E/6 Compatibility: Compatible with various categories of UTP cables, including CAT5, CAT5E, and CAT6, allowing for versatile connectivity options in different networking environments.
  4. BNC-M Coaxial Video Connector: Equipped with a BNC-M coaxial video connector for secure and stable connections, minimizing signal interference and ensuring robust video signal transmission.
  5. Screw-Terminal Twisted-Pair Video Connector: Features a screw-terminal twisted-pair video connector, providing a secure and reliable connection for the twisted-pair cables, facilitating stable signal transmission.
  6. High Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of CC cameras, making it suitable for various surveillance setups and configurations.
  7. Durable Construction: Built with durable materials, ensuring long-term reliability and stable performance in diverse surveillance environments.
  8. Signal Preservation: Utilizes advanced signal processing technology to preserve the integrity and quality of the transmitted video signals, ensuring clear and high-definition surveillance footage.
  9. Efficient Video Transfer: Facilitates efficient and seamless video signal transfer, allowing for the effective monitoring and surveillance of critical areas without signal degradation.
  10. Wide Application: Suitable for use in both commercial and residential surveillance applications, providing reliable and consistent video signal transmission for enhanced security management.
  11. Compact Design: Compact and space-saving design, enabling easy integration and installation into existing surveillance setups without occupying excessive space.
  12. User-Friendly Installation: User-friendly installation process, ensuring easy setup and configuration for seamless integration into the surveillance system.
  13. Enhanced Security Management: Contributes to the enhancement of overall security management and surveillance monitoring, facilitating effective oversight of various premises and facilities.
  14. Customization Options: Offers customization options for configuring the transmission settings, allowing users to adjust the parameters based on specific surveillance requirements.
  15. Reliable Signal Transfer: Ensures the reliable and stable transfer of video signals, guaranteeing the accurate capture and transmission of critical surveillance data for effective security monitoring and management.

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